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is a small cattery dedicated to breeding quality Tonkinese.
When I decided to breed, I made the decision to only improve the breed
and to breed Tonks of only the highest quality and standards. My goal
is to breed healthy Tonkinese kittens. These are my babies and I am picky about where they go.

 Not everyone who wants one of my babies will get one.  I want to get to know the people who will adopt my babies to make sure they will go to the best possible homes.  I reserve the right to determine where my babies will go.

Tonkinese make it their job to get into your heart. They love their people

and adapt to many situations.  Their favorite place is in your lap.Tonkinese are a breed that was derived from Siamese and Burmese. Moderation is the key to this breed. The ideal Tonkinese is exactly in between both the Siamese and the Burmese, looking neither like the Siamese nor the Burmese. Their bodies are neither long like the Siamese nor cobby like the Burmese. Their muzzles are neither long like the Siamese nor short like the Burmese. And so it goes... As you can see somewhere between these two breeds lies the ideal Tonkinese.  Personally, I believe Tonks incorporate  the best of both of these breeds.

Tonks come in three patterns--Point, Mink, and Solid.  All Tonks are technically
pointed cats with Solid Tonks having the least amount of color contrast and the Point Tonks having the most contrast.  The eyes on the Point Tonks are blue, on the Mink are aqua, and on the Solid are green. They come in four colors--Platinum (Lilac), Champagne (Chocolate), Blue and Natural (Seal, Sable).

I show my babies in
ACFA and CFA and feel it is important to make sure I am breeding cats to the the Tonkinese standard.

I belong to the Kentuckiana Cat Club (ACFA) and to the Tonkinese Breed Association (CFA)

 I need to thank several wonderful people who have inspired me to breed

Tonks.  If it weren't for Pat and Bob Moore of Moortonkkatz Cattery I would
never have started breeding Tonks.  Some of my past females  (Aria and Destiny)  have come from Pat Moore.  I must thank JoAnn Payfer of  Payfurpurr's Cattery for my first breeder boy, King Arthur and also for King Brogan and Parfait.  Louisa Buford of Kinukatz Cattery has been wonderful to me and I want to thank her for my beautiful Boeing. I want to thank Lois Carney of Elceezpride Cattery for trusting in me and for her friendship. Talon is a beautiful Tonk boy. I also want to thank Kathy and Dennis Becker of  Lovintonks Cattery for my beautiful Autumn. I also want to thank Sharon Williams of Odesseycatz Cattery for my wonderful Lace Capri.  Peggy Gyimesi of FrankLee Cattery has become a dear friend. I have to thank her for FrankLee Day Tripper of Treepaw (aka Trip) and for FrankLee Serenity of Treepaw (aka Renie).  They are both beautiful. And  I must thank John Hiemstra of Wenlock Cattery for my wonderful Scoundrel.  Scoundrel has the best personality and on top of that he is a nice cat and he loves to show.  Thanks John!

There are countless friends like, Jan Hadley, Dolores Kennedy, and Carol Barbee who I need to thank for their help and inspiration as well. Carol Barbee has helped to design this website and I appreciate all of her help in so many areas.


     ACFA, CFA, TICA Registered

                                  Tonkinese Breed Association

                                  Tonkinese Breed Council